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For my second menu redesign, I chose a small restaurant inside Marché Vernaison in Saint-Ouen. The market has over 250 small vendors selling antiques, furniture, prints, and jewelry. I stumbled upon the restaurant at the very back of the market and loved the hand-painted signs advertising the place. I took a look at the menu and saw it didn’t match the brand, so it was a perfect opportunity for a redesign.

The menu at this restaurant was huge and I didn’t want to spend all day typing out menu items so I chose to redesign the drink portion of the menu. The most time-consuming (but fun) part was making a vector of the hand-painted logo, it’s done in a really unique hand-drawn cursive.

I also loved the bold colors of the hand painted signs and wanted to include that in my final design. I chose to use Atrament as the header font, because it was similar to the style on the sign, and PT Serif Caption for the menu items. The finished result is a lot more professional feeling than the original, and coordinates nicely with the striking hand-painted signs that originally drew me to the place.