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An easy way to split the bill when you’re out to eat with friends

Design a bill-splitting calculator

This was a solo project completed for my Interactive Design class at SCAD. The assignment was creating an app that would let friends split up their bill at a restaurant, and would allow them to share items and add a tip.

I was tasked with creating three directions for low-fidelity wireframes, testing with users to narrow in on the most effective solution, and designing final screens and a clickable prototype that works with a specific receipt I were given.

Project Deliverables

User Testing Report
Clickable Prototype

Project Timeline

ITGM 267 – Interactive Design
4 weeks during Fall Quarter 2018
Savannah College of Art and Design



Initial Wireframes

User Testing

A large part of this project involved user testing. I devised a user testing plan and sought to uncover which solution was the most intuitive, quick, and fun way to split up a bill. I’ve included a general overview of my process below, but if you’d like to see my user testing plan in more detail you can here.

Final Screens